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VG Studio Max 3.1

VG Studio Max 3.1

With Volume Graphics software, you can analyze and visualize industrial computed tomography (CT) data. For this purpose, the software offers a wide range of practical features. Thousands of companies worldwide already use our products to analyze, inspect, and measure objects – in research, production, and quality assurance.

VG Studio軟體協助用戶重建投影片為斷層掃描Slice,並可3D組立並作進一步的資料分析、比對、檢測等分析功能。VG產品主要針對CT資料的Voxel data進行處理、分析。 返回列表
VG Studio產品可分為主要產品

VG Studio
VG Studio Max
VG Inline
VG Metrology

在VG Max主軟體下又可依需求加入功能模塊
  • Coordinate Measurement
  • Fiber Composite Material Analysis
  • Nominal/Actual Comparison
  • Porosity/Inclusion Analysis
  • Enhanced Porosity/Inclusion Analysis
  • Wall Thickness Analysis
  • CAD Import (with PMI)
  • CT Reconstruction
  • Foam and Transport analysis

VG Studio Max主軟體本身(不含功能模塊)包含如下主要功能

Clipping and positioning of objects
Non planar viewing
Thick slab viewing
Classification and Segmentation
Data Import and Export
Object management
Object measurement and analysis
Surface extraction